All Switched

Today I picked up more Hill’s food for Cora, and since Chloe is on Hill’s food and Buddy was on Hill’s food I decided that the other two cats might as well be on Hill’s food too.  I was surprised at how much the food cost but it does last awhile so I think we’ll just make it work since we get Chloe’s food cheaper with coupons and when I fed the cats their new food they seemed to really like it, and the pieces are smaller so it works out really well for our two cats who are missing teeth, so I guess that makes it worth it and now everyone has the same brand and I know I will be able to find it and it won’t probably change or be discontinued! Besides the cost the only downside is that I do have to get it from the feed store… I go there almost weekly anyways though so I don’t think that will be a big deal, I will just need to plan ahead so when I get chicken feed I can get inside animal food too. I do wish the feed store would accept printed coupons because that would save us some more money but they don’t because they must have had problems with them in the past.  I wonder if I email the company they could mail me some real ones.

Since I was buying and filling food bins and getting that all straightened out I decided it was time to switch the names on the bins too because Buddy still had a bin and it was sitting empty for a month while Chloe’s food was still stuck on top in a bag.  So now Chloe has moved into the middle bin by herself on her weight loss food, the other two cats are on regular food but I debate getting them either indoor formula or oral care formula since their teeth aren’t great, and Cora is on her sensitive skin formula and we will see how she does because she could probably be on regular adult or some sort of active formula too, although as long as she is happy and healthy I suppose they are all pretty similar and it doesn’t matter too much.


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