Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Today I made a pizza crust from cauliflower, cheese, egg and spices.  I thought it was a neat idea, it was advertised a gluten free but I just liked it because it was adding more vegetables to our meal.  I baked the crust earlier in the day and they turned out… different. Not crispy, or crusty, but more floppy kind of like a pancake. I thought they tasted ok though so I figured we would try it.  Luckily when I came home from work at 9 Joe had changed his mind and was willing to at least try it because earlier in the evening he had opened the fridge and found them and sniffed at them and he had already decided he didn’t know what they were but he was not eating them! And he is willing to try just about anything!

I did turn them into pizza but when I baked them again they got even softer because they are only held together with egg and cheese and cheese melts in the oven.  So it was falling apart and we had to eat with forks.  Joe did try it and I ate a piece too and then we decided that maybe cauliflower pizza crust has no place in our house! I love the idea of it for the veggies (I could care less about gluten free!) and maybe my execution was partly the problem… but somehow it just wasn’t what pizza crust should be! Good thing I made four of them!



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