Mason Jars for Extras

Even though the weather is super nice and I should be outside working on my barn cleanup, which I haven’t touched in weeks now, I’ve decided I would rather clean and organize things in the house instead.  I did a bit in the pantry which was cleaned recently but I went through and got rid of expired flours and baking supplies and then realized we had so many opened bags and boxes of rice, barley, pasta etc. and I want them to stay nice and still usable so instead of having open stuff all over I put all of our extra grains and pasta into big mason jars.  Now there are jars with leftover egg noodles, penne, quick barley, long cook white rice, minute white rice, long cook brown rice, quick cook brown rice and sushi rice.

I have been slowly restocking our pantry now because I haven’t done a good job with that over the last few months, we used up a lot of our canned stuff like beans and tomatoes for things like soup and chilli over the winter and once it got warmer I never missed them because we don’t use them as much in the summer.  So now when I shop I am going to pick up a couple of extra things here and there to restock us on foods we use more in the winter… things like pasta sauce, soups, broths (although I make and freeze a lot of broth especially chicken, sometimes it is nice to have other broth handy too), canned beans and tomatoes, pasta and even spare condiments and things like that.  It is much easier to push a cart outside in the summer now than it will be in February with snow on the ground so I would rather get a few extras now in nice weather so I don’t have to get as much when it is cold out.  If I was smart I would start stocking up on cat litter and dog food too because those are the worst to push in carts during the winter 🙂

Besides the pantry I refolded and straightened some clothes in our closet because I had been letting them get all messy lately and then I started on the mudroom which hasn’t ever had a really good deep cleaning.  I would like to paint it and there are a couple of soft floor boards we have noticed under the carpet that we should really look at at some point but for now I’ll be happy removing clutter and trash and organizing the tools and supplies we have so we can find them easier.  At least that way painting or repairing the floor would be a lot easier since we wouldn’t need to move as much stuff.  This picture doesn’t exactly look decluttered but it is considerably better than it was! Everything is all vacuumed and some of that stuff is just waiting to be moved to a new or better home, like the microwave on the bench that has been there for months…it will probably be moving to the basement and a couple other things will be going out to our shop to be used or stored out there.  Next I have to do the entire rest of the room which I haven’t begun to touch yet.  While I was doing some of that Joe did a bunch of cleaning in the dining room which looks a lot nicer now too and for awhile he did have his new gun out but I didn’t get a chance to get pictures of it.  He test shot it last weekend and it worked perfectly so stay tuned for that too, I will have him help me get some good photos of it to share with you soon!


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