Ice Cream for Dessert

Today was a work day for me and Joe had to do a long bike ride so poor Cora was alone for part of the day (I doubt she really minded!) but after supper we decided to go get some ice cream and we took her along so she wasn’t ditched again. She was so, so excited to get into the car but when we got to Dairy Queen there were so many cars and loud teenagers outside and the line was so slow that she got a little impatient and growled at the people a couple of times, she was in the car though and the windows were up so it didn’t really matter but we tried to correct her so she didn’t think that was Ok.  All in all for her not being around that many people usually she did great and it was a learning car ride for her that just happened to end with a walk and some ice cream!

Cora loved her ice cream cup and she also got to lick the bowl from when I made BBQ chicken.  Luckily she ran 3 miles with me this morning so she doesn’t have to worry!  We also had lots of healthy food today including 10 different vegetables at supper so we figured a little ice cream wouldn’t hurt!


2 thoughts on “Ice Cream for Dessert

  1. Don’t worry about over-doing the ice cream. I give my 2 dogs ice cream every night–about 2 heaping tablespoons each–before bed and they seem content and sleep well all night. The vet says it is good for them. Phil/Minnesota

    • That’s good to hear! Cora loves ice cream for sure and I think she would love to get it everyday if we had it. Somehow I always hear about animals being lactose intolerant but our dogs and cats have never had any trouble… Buddy always loved dairy products and now Cora also loves dairy too. Occasionally I give her a bowl of my whole milk when I have extra and she drinks the whole thing and never gets ill.

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