CSA Share #1 – How we used it

As I mentioned in an earlier post this is what our first CSA share contained…

  • Beets
  • with beet greens attached
  • two big bags of braising mix
  • Dill
  • Parsley
  • Garlic scapes
  • Sorrel
  • Mizuna
  • Two heads of lettuce

And this is what we did to use it up…

This particular night we had buttermilk ranch chicken, french bread with cultured butter, braised beet greens with dill and garlic scape, and salad with one of the heads of lettuce and then purple cabbage, carrot, tomato, orange pepper, croutons and dressing…ranch for Joe and balsamic vinaigrette for me.  Some of the stems of the beet greens didn’t get eaten along with a couple leaves of extra lettuce which went to the chickens.  The rabbit got the very inner couple leaves of the same head of lettuce for his supper. Nothing was wasted whatsoever… plus I learned that I need to figure out how to wash lettuce better because I am usually spoiled with pre-washed and our salads had a bit of unintentional extra crunch to them. 🙂 Lesson Learned!

I made this meal when it was just me because Joe was out with work for the evening.  I wasn’t really into making meatballs so I just sort of shoved them together and that made them turn out pretty icky.  The spaghetti was ok although it could have been better too! I used garlic scape, sorrel and mizuna in it and then added some fresh parsley and basil at the end.  It wasn’t bad although I should have kept the mizuna for something else and I added way too much parsley…but we still ate it-me for supper and Joe for lunch the next day!

This meal consisted of white rice with garlic scape in it, steamed broccoli, braised mixed greens, and shrimp skewers with tomato, onion, carrot, mushroom and bell pepper with fresh parsley sprinkled on top. The skewers turned out good and steamed broccoli is hard to mess up.  The greens were pretty good but I didn’t quite cook them long enough, I braised them in homemade chicken broth and some Worcestershire sauce.  My rice came out good but plain so I added the leftover braising liquid to it and it was much better! Next time I know to cook the greens longer, Joe is great at braising greens and mine come out good sometimes and not so good other times! This was the last of the parsley because it began to wilt so the leftover couple of stalks went into the chicken bucket and they will enjoy that tomorrow!

The beets from our share turned into beet cake! I was going to just roast them with some potatoes because we do like beets like that too but instead I decided to bake a cake. It is actually a chocolate beet cake and then the frosting is coloured with beets and is a cream cheese/rum flavour.  Then there was a bit of coconut on top too.  It isn’t the most beautiful thing ever but it tasted good.. I do think I could have used more beets to put in the cake and frosting though!  Unfortunately I also had to donate the remaining dill and the other head of lettuce from our share to the chickens because they wilted.  I don’t know what I do but I notice greens go wilty very quick in our fridge… I have never used those fresh green bags before but I think I might pick some up and see if I can’t keep them fresher next time!

And finally, we used up the last of our share with this meal.  Cajun shrimp with garlic, garlic scape, tomato, green onion and corn with shrimp of course and rice.  There were only two garlic scapes left so I added them in with a bit of regular garlic too.  Then we finished up our braising greens as well although there wasn’t too many of them. Last time I did a bad job of braising them but this time I followed a recipe and they turned out much better! I cooked and crumbled two pieces of bacon and then sauteed some garlic in the bacon grease, then added some chicken broth and the greens and cooked them longer than I did last time they came out much tastier! I have more bacon left and there is more greens coming in our next share this coming weekend so I will need to make some more I think. 🙂


2 thoughts on “CSA Share #1 – How we used it

    • Thanks! I bookmarked it so if we get more beets in our shares I can try it out. I don’t buy beets often but I suppose I could even do that too!

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