First Jalapenos

Our first jalapenos were finally ready to be picked… a whole two of them! They went into some salsa along with some of our own cilantro too.  Pretty soon hopefully we will have tomatoes and other peppers too since I am starting to see flowers on the other plants.  The carrots and chard are growing well too but the basil is only doing okay and the squash and beans may never make it because something keeps eating them…bugs on the leave and it must be rabbits who are eating my squash flowers.  Oh  well!

Since we had jalapenos we had to make salsa which led to guacamole and then tacos! My tacos were only ok this time though because I decided to make shredded pork tacos except I didn’t get the crockpot going early enough so I decided to roast the meat in the oven for like 4 hours despite the fact that it was like 80 outside and it made the house even hotter. And, the meat never got as tender as it would have in the crockpot but finally I gave up and tried to shred it anyways and called it good.


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