Better Supper

Cora has gotten even more spoiled since Buddy left us since she is the only dog around now.  She has gone on a bunch of runs and walks and today she even ran 4 miles with me and then got to go swimming in a stream on the way home to cool down.  I think she might have been game to go further but it was so hot I brought her home to cool off and get a drink and then I went back out on my own instead. She has been sleeping in bed with us a lot more too… she was always welcome but now she takes advantage of it more and the other day (Tuesday… some kind of bug must have hit us because I thought maybe it was food poisoning but then Joe felt sick a whole 24 hours after I did so I don’t think so now!) I wasn’t feeling so good so I spent a lot of the morning on the couch and she snuggled up to me the entire time.  Now she has learned that most of the time our supper is better than her supper and she will hold off eating her supper until she is either starving or realizes she isn’t going to get ours.  Although, she usually does get at least a little something like a bite of meat or sometimes she will eat weird things like nuts or a random veggie.

Tonight I worked later so we just had macaroni and cheese and hot dogs for supper. Usually I put peas in it too or have some sort of vegetable with it but tonight the closest thing to a vegetable we had was whatever grass or corn the pig ate before it became our hot dogs.  After supper there was a little bit left in the pot, not enough to save but just enough for Cora so I let her eat it as a bedtime snack.  You can kind of see her bowl way off to the right too, still full of her own supper because she would rather have some of ours 🙂 Eventually she goes back to her own food and finishes up what she wants so that she has enough to eat.  And lucky for us she likes to run so we won’t end up with an obese German Shepherd!


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