Hot Day

Today was a hot day for us here, although both Joe and I work in air conditioning so mostly it was a hot day for Cora and the cats!  Besides that nothing interesting or unusual happened today thankfully! We had a normal morning although I got up really late, after 6:30 instead of my normal 5-5:30 on an early day, because we were out later and I felt sleepy and decided to sleep longer instead of run. Joe headed off at his normal time and once I was awake Cora and I had our normal routine.

After work went like normal for us too, I came home and took Cora outside and then fed everyone, collected/washed eggs, made supper etc. while Joe came home and then headed out for an hour long run.  Earlier in the day I had thoughts of going with him tonight but it was way too hot so I got rid of that idea pretty quick! Now we are just hanging out, I have to clean up the kitchen quick but then I am going back to the couch with my water and my kindle and maybe some chocolate milk too. 🙂


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