Trash Solution

Dealing with trash around here is a huge pain.  We could get pick up but, like I think I have mentioned before, we have to buy special bags from one store (which is in Dollar Bay, but out of our way) and they only take cash.  Plus those bags are smaller than normal size black trash bags so we need to use more of them and they are $2 per bag. So right now I wait until we have a couple of bags before I go to the dump where it is only $1 per bag and if Joe and I go together on a weekend and we fill up the entire car with other trash from the buildings we can get a whole car load for only about $8.

Either way we do it there is trash sitting somewhere waiting for a few days… if it is outside racoons get into it, if it is inside Cora will get into it.  Sometimes I will put it on our porch and close the door to keep Cora out but I like to have the door open when I can, and occasionally I will leave bags outside overnight and they are safe… but you can never tell and more often than not something will rip it open. We could get trash cans but then I am more likely to leave the trash longer before I take it if I can just shove it into cans outside… and then we would have to have cans sitting outside.  And I could leave it in one of the outbuildings too but then I have to haul it all the way back there, and I probably would leave it even longer before taking it if I couldn’t even see it! It would be much easier if we had one large township can and a truck came to pick it up once a week like they do in bigger cities… that would be amazing!

After having to rebag two of those four bags of trash I decided I was going to put them somewhere where the animals can’t get to them! So after I closed up the chickens for the night (we close them now because we realized they start to crow at 4am and that is just a little bit too early and this helps keep the noise down, I let them back out at 7) I put the trash in their fence and then locked the door again so no animals can touch it.  Not the most amazing solution since in the morning I had to take them back out… but still a huge improvement on ripped open bags!

One third option for trash is to pay someone to pick it up for us.  The whole area has pretty crappy pick up… it is either nonexistent or you have to buy bags to put out by the road.  I don’t know how Calumet does it but I don’t think any of the cities or towns right close to us have trash cans for pick up.  So some people have made good businesses out of picking up trash for people.  I think you pay a small monthly fee and then maybe per bag on top of that so it is slightly more expensive than hauling it yourself but probably the same price or close to buying bags to put out because the bags are smaller and more expensive.  I have never really looked into it but it might be something to check out, I know at least one of my coworkers’ parents do that and it works out well for them.  It still involves hanging onto bags for a few days but it gets rid of hauling it and finding a day to go to the dump which is something at least!



2 thoughts on “Trash Solution

    • That’s a good idea! I think we make too much trash for us to do well doing that though. Unless I got just a little bit of gas a lot of times every week.

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