Grilled Sandwiches and Running with Cora

This morning I didn’t have to work until 11 so I had a little bit more time to do stuff and I decided to take Cora running with me.  Last year I swore it off because we went out one day and it was pretty terrible and we both came home grumpy.  But I decided maybe she could use some time to run too and since we have no fence to let her run free I took her with me on my run.  We went about 3.75 miles and mostly ran but we did stop to walk a few times when she wanted to sniff something or get a drink so we both enjoyed it and she didn’t lose her head like she did last year.  Maybe she just wasn’t ready to run yet and now that she is a little calmer she doesn’t mind.  We even saw another dog/person and a guy who drove his minivan onto the trail for some reason and she behaved extremely well. The only problem with her is if you run near cars they get her all riled up so we have to run on the lower trail where she can’t see them and that piece of trail out and back is exactly what we did yesterday.

Cora with her new racoon toy I got for her.  I am surprised she hasn’t ripped it apart yet! And of course one of her with her tennis ball that she brings me in the mornings when I eat breakfast.

For supper tonight I just made us easy sandwiches and salad since I was done at 7:30 and Joe didn’t get home from his long run until 9:15.  The sandwiches were turkey and Monterrey jack cheese and then tomato on Joe’s too, made with Italian bread that was spread with olive oil (like grilled cheese but with oil instead of butter) and then I grilled them on our griddle.  Our salad was just lettuce mix, carrot, tomato, red/yellow pepper, sunflower seeds and croutons.  For a late supper it was good enough and there was leftovers for lunch tomorrow which is perfect!


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