Bugs and Holes

I thought with the garden near the house this year that we would be safe from animals and our plants would be left alone but apparently I was wrong.  We are safe from the big animals like deer because they don’t come that close to the house, but we aren’t safe from the little animals like leaf eating bugs and hole digging squirrels!

All of my beans are sprouted.  Unfortunately all of my beans are also being eaten! I don’t know if they will make it long enough for me to even try to get some kind of pest repellant.  It is still early though so maybe I could replant.  What a bummer!

At least the squirrels, who are digging holes to hide things in all of my pots, aren’t doing as much damage.  This plant had a couple big holes in the dirt around it but it is still growing and our first pepper is already getting bigger!


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