Chilly Tuesday

This morning we woke up to a drastic change in temperature, we went from 80’s and 90’s (at 6pm on Sunday night on my way home from work the bank said 96 degrees!) to only 50’s today (when I came home from errands around 2pm today it said 50 degrees exactly) what a change!

Today I was off from work and I wasn’t planning on going anywhere but then I decided to go to a local clinic to get some nasal spray… my nose runs constantly when I run, year round really but it is even worse during the summer with my allergies and it has been bothering me (even though I do take allergy medication too!), so I finally went and talked to a nurse and got a prescription that should help me a bit.  She also there was fluid in my head and my nose was swollen inside from all of it too.  That isn’t new, a couple of years ago I had to go to the doctor because I woke up so dizzy and sick from my allergies and it was fluid then too and that doctor also gave me nasal spray.  Since then I have just dealt with it by blowing my nose a lot and the few times I get dizzy I just go slow until it passes but lately with my running my runny nose has been extra awful and with our race Saturday I decided to do something about it.  I can’t wait to run tomorrow morning to see if it helps a bit.  If it does then I think nasal spray (fluticasone which is a steroid) might be on my list of regular medications!  After that,  I took some trash to the dump and then picked up three big boxes of produce for the chickens who had a feast this evening!

This afternoon I cooked up some vanilla ice cream with 8 cups of my raw milk and 20 egg yolks from our chickens and thankfully did not ruin it this time, and then I baked some cherry/rhubarb/apple crisp as well.  I use 4 cups total of fruit, it was supposed to be all cherry but I didn’t have enough so I just used other fruit too and then made topping from oatmeal, flour, brown sugar and pasture-raised cow butter.  The fruit was good but the topping had too much flour and there was too much to match the fruit… it still tasted good with ice cream though!  Supper was just chicken stir-fry and brown rice, it was ok but nothing spectacular and definitely not Joe’s favourite supper.

Tonight with/after supper we watched new episodes of Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef and now it is 10:05, Joe is outside with the dogs and then he will give Buddy his injection while I finish up our lunches for tomorrow and switch over loads of laundry.  Then we will all head to bed! Cleaning up the kitchen will just have to wait until the morning 🙂


One thought on “Chilly Tuesday

  1. It does sound like a good combination though. With the plentiful cherries, makes sense to mix with the rhubarb. Good dessert. I’m going to try it.

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