Barley and 5 days before Grandma’s

Tonight for supper we had shredded chicken pitas with a Mediterranean barley salad. The chicken I cooked in our crockpot for the day and then seasoned it with salt, pepper, cumin, a bit of dill and a little garlic powder mixed into some plain yogurt.  I was going to make cucumber yogurt sauce but it just didn’t taste right so I improvised.  We had it in store-bought pita bread just for time’s sake and because it is pretty warm to have the oven on, otherwise I would have made the pita bread.  There was mixed lettuce in the pitas as well.  I had a recipe for the barley salad and the only thing I did differently was to add extra red onion into the recipe. I thought it turned out good and had more, but it wasn’t Joe’s favourite side dish.  I have some barley left yet and I think I like it better than quinoa even though quinoa has more amino acids in it than other grains.  I could have just skipped the other veggies in the salad and just had barley and olives and been perfectly happy!

Today after work I came home and did the normal stuff of feeding animals and now watering plants are in my daily chore list too.  Joe came home and had to go out for a good length run.  I ran this morning but only briefly since I am tapering down for our race this weekend.  I know I have mentioned Joe’s Iron Man triathlon in September that he is training for but I don’t know that I have mentioned we are both running in Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth this coming weekend.  I asked Joe to do it with me for my birthday which was in January and now finally months later it is almost time to go.  I have been running specifically to train for this marathon while Joe has been training hard for his triathlon in September doing running, biking and swimming and not specifically for this marathon so we’ll see how we both do!  We are mostly just hoping for everything to go smoothly and for us to finish, I don’t care how fast or how long it takes us, the goal is to finish! It will also be a good prep for Joe’s race since he will be running a marathon after he swims and bikes.


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