Relaxed, Lazy Day

Today was an easy day for us, neither of us ran or swam or did anything.  We got up pretty early and Joe took the dogs out for me so I didn’t have to and then we both fell back asleep in bed for awhile.  Once we got up for the second time we watched some TV on Joe’s Playbook and then finally we got up and ready to go because we had appointments… Joe for a hair cut and me for my eyebrows.  We did a few other errands when we were in town (one of them was to the hardware store where I found unbleached coffee filters, I was excited to find them because I was about to order some from online!) and then headed home for lunch.  I took another nap after lunch and then vacuumed and swept and did laundry here inside while Joe worked on his car for awhile.  For supper we had bacon and avocado sandwiches on potato bread, homemade potato salad and broccoli.  Now we are having chocolate milk and finishing up a movie before we head off to bed.  I have to work tomorrow so I can’t stay up too, too late!


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