Flat Bread Pizza

Today I worked early, similar to Joe’s hours although not as long of course.  During my lunch I picked up a ton of chicken supplies along with some rabbit food and a calming collar for Pinga. I didn’t think this collar would work but I got one about 5 weeks ago for her, it has pheromones in it to make her feel safer because she is so skittish now.  The package said it lasts about a month and in the past few days I have noticed she has been a bit off, so I bought her a new collar today and will watch her once I put it on to see if she goes back to normal! After work I picked up a few things for supper, then picked up free chicken produce from another store and then headed home.  I got here first but Joe came home within just a few minutes of me and took the dogs out with me before he went for a long hour and a half run.

Joe also ordered me a new laptop keyboard today which I should get Tuesday and I am incredibly excited about!! Ocean lately has taken to scratching her nails on the keyboards in the house and the first time she only ripped off a few keys but now almost half my keyboard is missing and a few other keys don’t work so when I type I am punching the little nubs under where the key would be, or I have to fight to get a key to work, like my space bar and my exclamation point which is pretty annoying. Right now the only keys I have across the top are 7,8,9 and all my other numbers are missing!  I try to keep my computer closed but sometimes I forget when I go running, or go up to shower etc. and I will come back to find even more keys missing. The new keyboard will be amazing!

For supper we had flat bread pizza but it was only OK and not amazing.  I don’t know if I don’t like flat bread, or if I cooked it bad, or if the brand I bought is just weird.  Either way, I won’t be jumping at the chance to make these again for supper!  I also managed to over cook a batch of ice cream (It was absolutely perfect and then I cooked it a minute or so too long and scrambled all the eggs, I had to toss it it was so bad!) and I slightly burnt a batch of rice pudding although I think it is still edible.  All in all not an amazing day for cooking around here 🙂


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