Finished Garden

The garden is finished now and our final plant selection contains: 4 tomato plants/3 varieties, 4 pepper plants/all different, Black Beauty zucchini/4 plants in two holes, 9 mounds of green garden beans, Rainbow Swiss Chard, carrots/not sure what type exactly, cilantro, catnip, sweet basil and purple basil.  Assuming everything grows (not totally sure if the zucchini and beans will do well since I put them in a weird spot) then it should supplement our CSA share nicely!


Our big thimbleberry patch is growing nicely too.  Soon the tansy will take it over and drown out the thimbleberries for the most part.  Last year it seemed like we didn’t get many but this year the flowers are all over the place! I always think I should make rows and take care of the patch better so I can harvest them but the most we ever do is pick them in passing to nibble on.  All those big stalks are last years tansy plants.  You can see how they would drown out the berry plants!


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