Vegetable Garden 2012

The first couple of years we were here Joe and I planted a huge garden but we always had only mixed results because we had no fence to keep out deer and it was difficult to haul water all the time.  Last year we joined a CSA and that was our produce and we didn’t grow anything.  This year we are participating in the CSA again and we also planted a few of our own vegetables.  Without an actual garden plot any more we decided to keep the vegetables close to the house so they are replacing most of the flowers in the house gardens this year!

On the side of the house there is Swiss Chard, Cilantro, Catnip, Jalapeno peppers, Tomato and Beans.  I thought I might teach the beans to climb the pole 🙂  In the tall bucket there is nothing yet, but I will find something to put there! Joe mentioned wanting a habanero pepper plant so maybe that.

On the other side of the door, but still on the side of the house I am going to plant some carrots in the big planter.  I have the seeds but ran out of dirt today so sometime in the next couple of days those will go in.  Not sure if they will grow but for like $1 in seeds I might as well plant them! I may, or may not, ever deal with the weeds there.  I think gravel would be nice but that might be expensive.

Next to the garage I cleared a spot and planted more beans.  I hope they sprout since I already made them climbing spots!

To the right of the front door there is another Tomato plant.  Cora was watching me from the house like a good dog!

In front of the house there are two more pepper plants, serano and yellow bell, and two more tomato plants.  In the planter there are two types of basil.  I did leave some flowers in the garden but I also took some out that were spreading too much too so I had room for the vegetable plants.  I just need to get some more dirt now and then a bunch of mulch.  I wanted to buy mulch today but they were just unloading it off a truck and didn’t have any out for purchase yet and I wasn’t buying expensive coloured mulch!  I may or may not get a couple other vegetables too, we will see how ambitious I am. Maybe a squash plant near the garage beans so it can spread out on the hill or another pepper plant.  I saw some onion seedlings today but they only looked ok so I am not sure about those.  I know if I get too many plants I won’t take care of them and we will have our CSA produce to eat too.  At least right now all of these plants can be watered with the hose so their chances of survival are good!


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