Toys and Treats for the Smallest Animals

The birds and the rabbit don’t usually get a lot of treats and toys because they are hard to buy for. But I saw some new things at the store today and got them some gifts.  The birds got a new hanging toy with bells on it and a new swing.  When Joe and I put the toys in though the birds just sat on the bottom of the cage and looked up at them, super less than thrilled! So I took the new swing out and just left the toy which I’m not sure that they even like.  Oh well!  The rabbit just got some interesting new treats.  I usually buy him yogurt bites which he loves but this time I got him some bird seed balls and some apple sticks too. He likes the seed balls but the apple sticks are so short they get lost in the newspaper he shreds.  So his treats weren’t a huge success either 🙂


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