Escape Chickens

Whenever I go to the pantry I peek out the window at the chickens and this morning I found them trying to dig out of their chicken coop! It was raining so I decided to leave them for awhile, and I debated letting them go for it and take their chances in the real world… but eventually I did go out and stop them and fill the hole in.  Of course it was the light brown chickens.  They are the mean, feisty, troublesome ones.  If one of the light brown chickens is sitting on eggs don’t even try to take them from her because she will squawk and poke and just generally be a big pain in the butt, and it does hurt to get bitten by a chicken!  When I find one on a nest, I leave her alone and get the eggs a few hours later for sure!

Can you see the light brown chicken tail in the air there? The rest of the chicken is digging in the hole.  A rooster and one of the older chickens are watching her.  I checked on them a few times before I went out to make sure no one was actually escaping and sometimes there were 3 or 4 of them over there1… as if their lives are so bad…free food and water, a cozy home, I pick grass and give them produce.. really!

The hole.  With an orange in it actually because the chickens can’t figure out what to do with an unpeeled orange. They want the grass on the other side of the hole I think and I don’t blame them because I am sure they’d love to free range and I would love to let them, but without a bigger fence I can’t do it! Not with neighbors nearby and two busy roads.  I do give them grass clippings whenever Joe mows the grass and I pick grass myself for them a couple of times a week as well.

A fixed hole, although they keep going back to it so I am going to have to keep filling it in.  I think I might get some big blocks and put them outside of the coop on the other side so if they do dig out they will run into a barrier and not be able to get out!


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