Thunderstorms and Hail

This morning started off pretty nice, it was supposed to be rainy and we were surprised to see a bit of sun amongst the clouds.  By late morning Joe left for his 2 hour bike ride and shortly thereafter I left for a 20 mile run.  Joe made it home safe and sound from his bike ride, and about half way through my run I heard the clouds start to rumble and saw big dark ones start to move in.  Luckily my running route today took me in little loops close to home instead of 10 miles out and 10 miles back.  If I had done that route today I would have been about 10 miles from home in a hail storm and Joe would have probably come to get me.  Instead I was halfway finished and only at the top of the hill on our own road.  I considered going for the last half of my run but then I checked the weather on my phone and saw hail and thunderstorm warnings so I headed home instead.  As I was getting home Joe was just taking the dogs out so I went with him and about half way through our walk the hail started! So I ran back to the house with the dogs while Joe ran to put all of our cars into the pole barn so none of them would get any hail damage.  His red Jaguar was still outside too so he also had to get that under cover and safe.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty relaxed.  I napped on the couch with various animals and Joe did some work work from home on his laptop.  We had some supper around 7:30 or so and now we are watching the Next Food Network Star and then we will head to bed!


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