Pole Barn and Bathroom Cleaning

Today I worked mostly on deep cleaning the bathroom… I washed all the walls and took everything out and scrubbed the shelves and floor and baseboards.  I  cleaned out the cupboard and drawers and got rid of expired medicines and things we will never use.  I climbed up on a chair and cleaned out the fan which I had never done and I also replaced or soap/shampoo holder thing in the tub.   I even cleaned the blinds, which might be one of the worst jobs ever.  I like blinds, but I hate cleaning them and now even the ones in the bathroom are nice and clean. All that’s left is to scrub the bathtub which I did not do although I did do a little bit of bathtub scrubbing a few days ago after I washed the dogs.

Nothing is different bu everything is sparkling clean and like new so I am happy.  Someday I would like to paint because there are a couple small holes in the walls from screws that I didn’t put in correctly and a couple of scratches from before we bought the house I guess but painting involves moving the toilet so that might be awhile!

While I was inside scrubbing the bathroom Joe was outside cleaning out the back half of the pole barn.  Our shop used to be there and then we moved it to a different building and now it is moving back again! Joe cleaned out all of his old things and got rid of random trash and organized everything so that now we can move the tables back and set up a work space for his cars.  He wants to get the older Jaguar working this summer and now he will have a space to do it.

Joe”s 1985 Jaguar is in this picture, this one is his favourite 🙂

The front half of the pole barn is totally dirt floors.  The back half here is half dirt and half concrete.  Joe has plans to frame off the concrete section so that he can heat this area easier in the winter and have an actual shop.  There will be a hole for a door to get into the dirt section but we’ll probably just cover it temporarily instead of buying a garage door right away  so that section can be used for storage… things like the snow blower during the summer and other miscellaneous items.


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