Happy Birthday Cora

Today was Cora’s second birthday.  Unfortunately, I had remembered earlier in the week but totally forgot today.  So after work when Joe and I were petting the dogs I remembered and then we felt all bad, good thing she is a dog and doesn’t know any better! So after Joe’s run we decided to go get some supper and some cake and some hats and give her a birthday party.

Our 2.5 dogs waiting for some chicken nuggets.

Cora in her birthday hat.  She wasn’t thrilled.

But, she was a very considerate birthday girl and she ripped Buddy’s hat off for him before she ripped her own hat off! Buddy looked very handsome but Cora knew he didn’t love it so she took care of it for him. Then she ripped her own hate off and ate them both.

Then we blew those air things at her.  We assumed they made noise like normal but these didn’t make noise, they just filled with air and unrolled and the rolled back up.  Anyways, Cora wasn’t a fan and she kept taking them away from Joe and ripping them up.  It was her birthday though so she can do that.

Then we enjoyed some cupcakes and went to bed! I tried to get a picture of Buddy with his cupcake but as soon as I set the plate down he put the entire thing into his mouth and swallowed it.  Cora at least took it in a few smaller bites like a lady.  She then proceeded to actually eat two cupcake wrappers too before I could grab her.

Even though we forgot her birthday until the night, I’m pretty sure she still had a good day and was happy to have a couple chicken nuggets and some new paper products to rip apart for awhile!


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