Lazy Today

Today was our lazy weekend day! I had high hopes of getting up to run and wash the dogs and maybe do some more work on the barn because it was an absolutely beautiful day.  Except instead we woke up late and then we watched the movie Meet Joe Black, which I had never seen before… it is good but really long.  Around 1pm or so we got ready to go and then I was going to run but instead I went swimming with Joe for a change, it’s been a few weeks since I have done swimming so it was fun.  After that we came home for lunch and it was already 4 and I decided I needed a nap instead of going out to wash dogs and clean barns and the next thing I knew it was like 7;30 and past time to feed animals and get supper ready! The day just flew by even though we didn’t really do anything!

My gigantic lilac bush is going to bloom any day now and then I am going to fill  the house with them! I really should trim this bush back so that it comes back even healthier but I never do because I don’t want to damage it and have it never come back… Now most of the flowers are on top and hard for me to reach.

Our huge clump of rhubarb.  Joe says I have to move it before we do the septic tank because this is the new location.  He would bull doze it over but I want to keep it so I think this coming weekend I will transplant most of it to a new home.  I have never actually cooked with our rhubarb, or any rhubarb for that matter, but this year I am convinced that I am going to preserve a bunch of it and use it in recipes.  One of Joe’s coworkers has come every year to get a bunch and he uses it, and one of my coworkers wanted some last year so I took them an entire plant to grow their own but I haven’t even used it myself yet!  And even if I never use it, I still want to save it!

Chickens outside enjoying the nice weather.  Some are poking around and others are sunbathing or dirt bathing and snoozing.  I left a bag of bedding/shavings in there yesterday thinking they wouldn’t bother it but they decide it was super fun and they poked a million holes in it and spread the shavings around.  It was supposed to go inside not ouside, but now the outside looks all nice and clean!


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