A Day in the Life – May 2012

A few years ago I read a blog post where a woman posted her entire day for everyone to see what it was like.  After that I decided to do it too and now every spring I pick a day and tell everyone what we did for the entire day.  It’s interesting to me even if no one else cares much because I like to look back and see what our days were like!

A Day in the Life 2011

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5:00am I woke up to go to the bathroom and the roosters were already up and crowing.  Cora woke up with me but then we both went back to bed… her stealing my blankets and most of my side of the bed!

6:30am my alarm went off.  Normally I don’t set my alarm unless I work early in the morning but today I had a bunch of things I wanted to do so I set my alarm a little bit earlier than I would normally wake up on a weekend.  I snoozed my alarm 4 times though so I didn’t really get up until about 6;40 or so.  All of the animals woke up with me.  Buddy, Cora and Chloe all needed to come into the bathroom with me to get dressed and find my contacts and Ocean and Pinga were just outside the door.  As soon as I wake up in the mornings I change the cat blankets, pick up old food bowls, refill the water and scoop the litter box upstairs. Then I head downstairs and scoop the litter box down there as well as refill the dog water bowl and Chloe’s water dish.  This morning we made it downstairs around 6;54.  My coffee was already made so I got some of that and put away yesterdays eggs that I didn’t put away last night and by a few minutes after 7 the dogs and I were outside on our walk.  I always put a lot of my whole milk into my coffee and I have noticed it has started tasting a bit like grass again so the cows must be out on pasture already 🙂

Once we came inside I fed everyone, changed the rabbit cage and the bird cage and injected Buddy’s fluids. This morning the rabbit got hay, an apple and a yogurt bite for breakfast.  He loves yogurt bites the best.  Cora got a bit of Buddy’s dry food because I forgot to buy her some yesterday.  Normally I buy back up food really early but this time I didn’t and she loves Buddy’s food so she didn’t complain.  Buddy gets his kidney wet food in the mornings, Chloe gets her weight loss food with a tiny, tiny bit of wet food on top (I wouldn’t give it to her at all because she is on her diet but I feel bad and I don’t want her to feel left out so I always give her a bit too so she doesn’t feel sad.) and the other two cats get scoops of dry food and a half can of wet food each (we now feed all the cats twice daily instead of free feed because Chloe is too sneaky.).  This morning Pinga also got some whole, raw milk which she loves and I give it to her a couple of times a week because I worry that she doesn’t get enough food and water with only half her teeth.  Sometimes Ocean will drink some milk too.

I finished with the inside animals around  7:45am and at that point Joe was awake but relaxing in bed with his book for a bit so I went up to join him for awhile and we had some chips and queso for breakfast (I know that is incredibly healthy!) By 8;30am Joe was showered and we were heading outside to do some work.  Joe to put the blades on the lawn mower, mow the lawn, take the lawn mower to the dealer for a tune up (a block down the road from us), get new blades for our brush cutter and to trim brush and he also helped me by moving the rock in front of the barn doors so I could start cleaning it out.  I went outside to take care of the chickens, I took them scraps and then put away 200lb of food in the bins and mixed the food with oyster shell and grit – I used to give them three separate feeders but now it all goes into one mix which works better for us.  I also scrubbed out their waterers, collected some more eggs, added wood chips to some of the nest boxes that were empty and then I started to work on the barn by ripping off a lot of siding and starting to clean trash out of the inside.

On the left is the inside of the barn and the right is the outside of the barn.  The top photos are before pictures and the bottom photos are after.  It doesn’t look like a huge difference but it’s a start and the amount of trash hauled off or out of the building filled up my car!

Our front yard looks so nice now with the shorter, cleaner looking grass! Joe also trimmed around the edges and around the chicken coop and sides of the house in the back so the whole area around the house looks really nice now.  The only thing that doesn’t look nice are the flower gardens I have neglected so far… now I have to fix those too!

11:30am we had the car all loaded up with trash and we were both finished with work for the day.  Joe took the dogs out for a walk while I took a quick shower and by just after noon we were on the road to the dump and to run errands.

Joe came to the dump with me because it is easiest to back into the bay and I am not good at backing in! We filled up the whole car with trash from the barn, it was about 260lb and it cost us $8.50 to get rid of.  I think it was worth it! After the dump we went to the mall to walk around the pet store and consignment store (nothing came home with us!) and then we went to the bank, the Co-Op to pick up some lunch, the fish market to get some salmon for supper and then to Calumet and back to Houghton to two different bike stores.  The one in Calumet didn’t have what Joe wanted but the one in Houghton had something comparable (tires for his bike) so he got those instead.  Then we headed home to have our lunch!

The new transfer station is really nice and much better than the old one… Picture above of course.  Below is the fish market! In the summer they have a fish stand and you can buy lunch there but they weren’t open yet today.  I bet Memorial Day or June they will open but not quite yet.

Lunch was a turkey sandwich for Joe with tomato and cheese etc. on it and a goat cheese and sprouts sandwich for me.  We also had chips and queso and guacamole and then I had some feta cheese and Joe had some mozzarella salad as well.  In the middle of our lunch Joe found a tick on Cora and had to take it out.  Cora has had about half a dozen ticks on her today, everytime Joe pets her he finds another one… yuck1

At around 3:30pm, after we had our lunch (which might be late for most people but that is an early lunch for us on weekends!) Joe headed upstairs to work on his bike while I worked on my blog post and made some hot cocoa because I was freezing.

At about 4pm we decided to take a nap for a little bit before we went out for our respective bike rides and runs.  It was a very nice nap and neither of us wanted to get up!  By 5:30 Joe was heading out for his 2 hour bike ride and I was heading out for a run. I don’t normally run in the evenings, I am much more a morning runner so my run wasn’t so amazing and after a couple of miles I headed back home.  Joe always works out in the evenings so his ride was a bit better although he tried a new road that ended up having huge pot holes and when he turned around he miscalculated his time so he went for 1 1/2 hours instead of 2 🙂  While Joe was out on his ride and after I got home I took the dogs out and fed everyone their supper and then showered and got ready to go grocery shopping.

At 7:30pm as Joe was getting home from his bike ride, I was just heading out to go grocery shopping.  I was supposed to go yesterday but after work the store was so busy and the lines so long that there was no way I was staying to shop! Tonight ended up much better, everything was so quiet and I had the isles to myself and by the time I got to the check out I wasn’t even crabby so I let a lady go in front of me who only had like 4 things compared to my cartful because the self checkout lanes are closed right now due to remodeling.  I even stopped at a second grocery store on the way home to pick up a few things from there too so now we have plenty of food.

The only unfortunate part of grocery shopping is having to carry things inside and put them away! I didn’t get home until 8:45pm and Joe was all showered and thinking about how to cook our salmon for supper.  Once I put the groceries away, and once Joe had started the grill and got our fish marinating we took the dogs out for their bedtime walk. On the way back to the house I left them though and went out to the chicken coop to finish them for the night, I collected some more eggs and filled up their water.  I was supposed to finish adding bedding to the nest boxes but it was so late that some of them were full again because a few chickens like to sleep in them at night. In fact, it was so late, almost 10, that their lights went out while I was out there.  Thankfully it was still a little light outside so I wasn’t stuck!

Once I was back inside I started some laundry and washed a bunch of eggs and cleaned up an accident that Buddy had upstairs earlier in the day.

While I was putzing inside Joe was busy cooking us tasty salmon and roast corn for supper! We were going to make collard greens or broccoli but it was close to 10 by this point so we just decided on salmon and corn.  I’m not sure where the salmon was from, or the corn for that matter, but they were really fresh and tasty either way! We finally ate supper around 10:15 🙂

My fish (on the right) did look a bit nicer but I ate a hunk before I took the picture.  Joe says that was the best looking one too so just imagine that it didn’t get eaten before it had it’s photo taken! Buddy and Cora had a bit of fish too and we still have a piece left for tomorrow, along with 3 more corn on the cobs that I might cut off the cob and add to whatever we are eating for supper tomorrow.  I have a menu plan written but right now I have no idea what I wrote down for tomorrow!

Now it is 11:34pm and Joe and I are watching the new Mission Impossible movie so we will probably be awake for another couple of hours.  Joe has taken at least one more tick off of Cora and I am guessing Buddy must have some too if she has had so many, I think it is time for tick medicine! I switched over the laundry and started a second load.  That is all I will do tonight and I don’t know if I will even finish folding the second load.  There is more laundry but we need to be careful of the septic system.  I am going to feed it some Rid-X before bed.  Buddy still needs his night time fluids and the kitchen needs to be cleaned up a bit although Joe did dishes for me while he was working so there are only a couple of things to be put away which is nice! I doubt we will have dessert but if we do it will probably be popcorn.

I had a lot of things I had wanted to do today and some I put off until next weekend, because of some people needing weekdays off and needing to work weekend days I have two weekends off in a row.  That is totally unheard of and I am pretty sure I worked the last 4 since my last weekend off.  I was thankful for this one off and doubly thankful for two off.  There is nothing like having two days at home with Joe all to myself doing whatever we want.  We don’t necessarily spend the entire time together but just knowing we can do things either day is really nice! Today I had wanted to vacuum and mop the floors, clean the mudroom thoroughly and give the dogs a brush and a bath and maybe a nail trim but none of those things happened so I think I will try for those tomorrow.  Tomorrow I do need to get a good run in too and Joe needs to go swimming for probably at least an hour.   Other than that it will probably be a more relaxing and calm day with maybe another nap and some reading involved! Plus of course some phone calls to our mom’s for Mother’s Day!

My spot is next to Cora on the couch, I took this when I went to get my computer and some more wine to finish my blog post.  Cora has let me balance my mouse pad on her for almost a half an hour without moving and she finally got up just a moment ago as I was finishing up! She has moved on to the floor by Buddy now and there is no sign of any cats so they all must be upstairs.  Even the birds and the rabbit are quiet for the night now and thankfully it is dark so the roosters aren’t crowing either!


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