Sleepy Night

At 10;15 now I have been catching up on my blog posts for over an hour and a half but I am finally finished! I was getting pretty behind so after supper (Taco Bell!) I brought my computer into the living room to blog while we watched T.V.  but then Joe and the dogs all fell asleep and I finally used up all of my battery so now I am back at my desk.  Joe just woke up and is taking the dogs out for an evening, bedtime walk and then we all will go upstairs to bed.

Dogs in the drive through all excited for a car ride

Cora came to lay next to me once I move back to my computer.  She brought her weird little cow, dog toy thing… you are supposed to stuff a bottle into it, like an old soda or water bottle…but whenever we do she ripped it out right away and then chews up the bottle and leaves it somewhere.  She seems to like to play with the thing empty so now we just let her do what she wants!

I think tomorrow will be an early morning for me, there are a bunch of things I would like to do with my day off since I have the whole weekend off and can sleep in on Sunday and I think I will do my yearly day in the life post tomorrow too but we’ll see! If I do I will post links to our previous years too.  I always like to look back and see what we did for an entire day, even though it is a weekend day and not a weekday so it isn’t representative of most days but our normal days would be pretty boring so I have to do an interesting weekend day!


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