Evening Walk

Tonight after work and after Joe went for a run we went off for a walk together with the dogs.  It was an Ok walk but Joe ended up getting a blister from new shoes, Buddy wouldn’t keep walking and Cora kept pulling and I was hungry and wanted supper so it wasn’t the absolute most fun walk we have been on 🙂

Buddy sniffing and sniffing and sniffing.  If we could put him out in a big pasture for the day so he could wander and sniff and roll and eat grass he’d be in heaven.  He is basically a dairy cow in a boy dog’s body!

Cora exploring a drainage ditch.  There is a big hole in our backyard, it has always been there we just never filled it in and Joe said he turned around the other day to find Cora had shoved half herself into it trying to see what was down there.  It is just an old rabbit or maybe a skunk hole if they live in holes…it is big enough for Cora’s face and shoulders but I think it has also eroded a lot since we haven’t filled it in.  Never seen anything go in or out of it though1

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