Steak, Stuffed Clams and Au Gratin Potatoes

Today Joe and I actually cooked supper for ourselves, which is not very common for Friday nights… usually Friday’s are easy foods whenever we both get home, Taco Bell being the most common 🙂 Tonight though we went to the grocery store together and came home with steaks and a package of stuffed clams and then some yukon gold potatoes to make au gratin potatoes with.  Not totally sure, they might have been scalloped potatoes…something like that anyways, we put them in a pan with cheese and milk and seasoning and baked them.  They came out good whatever they were!

Joe did pretty much all of this cooking although I think I helped shred some cheese 🙂  The steaks were good, as always, and the potatoes were also good.  I didn’t like the stuffed clams at all, those were weird and most of them went out to the chickens shells and all!


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