New Coffee Pot

After almost two years my coffee pot finally made its last pot of coffee! Or actually, it made about an eighth of a pot and quit so I knew it was time for a new one.  The other day I noticed it sounded a bit funny but it brewed my coffee so I thought I was crazy but it turns out I wasn’t… it was on its way out.  2 years is pretty good for a coffee pot though, especially when it gets used pretty much every day.  I didn’t get anything very fancy for a new one, all I really care about is that it has a 2-hour shut off feature and it is nice to have a delay brew feature too but even that isn’t absolutely necessary.  I ended up getting the cheapest option (only $25 which is less than I thought it would be) that had my required 2-hour shut off and it also came with the delay brew feature, an option for regular or strong brew and even a cleaning cycle!

And, as an added bonus, I discovered that Mr. Coffee is certified eco-friendly when I got home and was opening the box and found the little decal logo on the bottom.  I’ve been looking at eco-friendly clothes and purse options lately to see what is available (nothing much!) but I never thought to buy a coffee pot from an eco-friendly company so it was a bonus when I found that out!  I don’t know how friendly they are or what they do but being certified by a third party must make them at least a bit better than those who aren’t so I’ll take it!


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