Chickens, Bananas and Banana Cookies

The chickens got a special treat today.  One of the ladies at work made some banana no-bake cookies at home but they didn’t work out quite right so she brought them to me for the chickens so at least the cookies didn’t go to waste.  Then I was shopping after work and there were clearance bananas for 18 cents a pound and whenever I see these I get tons of them because the chickens really like bananas. So when I got home I went out to give the girls their treats… I made the mistake of putting the cookies out first and they gobbled them up like pigs so quickly I couldn’t even get a picture of it by the time I was finished putting the regular bananas down! So even though her cookies weren’t edible for people the chickens just adored them!

You wouldn’t even know there had been any cookies from the picture but they were right out from the camera kind of where the most dense clump of chickens is.  But by the time I put out the plain bananas and could take a picture they were long gone!


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