Unlucky… or maybe very lucky!

Tonight Joe was coming home and a truck in the lane next to him swerved and hit him.  The guy didn’t check to see if anyone was in the lane before he swerved obviously and he admitted it was his fault.  He didn’t get a ticket (which is unfortunate because I think if you are careless and hit someone you should get a ticket but I’m not a police officer so I don’t get to decide!) but he was listed at fault for the accident so we should be able to get a little bit of money to fix the car from the other insurance.  Joe is totally fine which is lucky for us… if there had to be an accident at least the car we can fix and Joe is uninjured! The car has an estimate of about $1200 to fix it because two doors are broken… the worst being the driver’s door which is broken on the inside, the window won’t work and it won’t even open from the outside because there is no handle or anything… and the door is cracked a bit.  Instead of getting a body shop to fix it for a lot of money Joe will probably just fix it all himself with a little help from one of his coworkers maybe.

I’m very thankful that the accident was at a slowish speed and that the door took the whole impact and Joe didn’t get hurt!


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