Spring Chickens

Spring is here and the chickens have been enjoying the out doors!  Although somehow our older girls like to be outside a lot more than the younger ones.  The younger ones come out in the mornings and evenings and when they see me they come thinking I might have food, and I do feed them corn and produce outside but then they tend to drift back inside instead of staying outside to enjoy the sun and wind.  The older girls sometimes just come outside to sit and dust bathe and look around.

Not the greatest picture but these are pretty much just the older girls outside right now.  Almost all of the younger ones, and the roosters, are inside being dumb.

I don’t have an accurate count of how many chickens we have right now but probably around 60-ish including the three roosters.  I suppose one night I should go out and count them all just to see.  We used to try to count them to make sure we weren’t missing anybody, especially when the older ladies were babies but we pretty much gave up after a couple of months because they move around so fast and we don’t go out there in the dark just to count them 🙂 We did have a reasonably accurate count of the older ones before we put the younger ones out though so 60 is probably close – within a couple of chickens either way!  I totaled up my egg record notebook too and we have now collected over 14,200 eggs as well!  That’s almost 1200 dozen eggs.  If eggs were gold we would be rich!


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