Taco Bell Friday

This week was a long week with Joe having clients up and working late hours.  I also worked a number of later shifts and then was either at the gym running or here at home feeding animals.  So tonight we decided to do our usual and go get something easy for supper once we were both home from work.  Our most common Friday night supper is Taco Bell although occasionally we do something else, or sometimes cook here at home too… although most often Friday night are easy/off nights for us and tonight was no different!

After supper I headed to bed because I had to work the following morning and Joe headed to town to see if  his clients and coworkers were out yet.  He was only out for a little bit though before heading back home.  It also happened to be senior walk day for Michigan Tech so it was pretty busy downtown… senior walk is when students spend the whole day walking from bar to bar drinking 🙂 The bars and the police all cooperate… students are going to do it anyways, so they may as well make the event safer and the police are out watching students and making sure they cross roads and the bridge safely and they keep traffic flowing nice and of course they are there to help out if anyone gets too rowdy.  Even the Coast Guard puts a boat near the bridge to keep an eye out for any students who think it’s a good idea to jump! Joe has taken part in senior walk a couple of times with his friends (not only seniors go!) but I have never done it. Besides that I don’t drink much, if I did try to do it I would be out by the third bar!


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