I happen to like seagulls… or at least they don’t bother me like they do some people (and I feed them when I see them alone but I don’t if there are people around because some people think that is just horrible).  In fact, lots of people think they are a nuisance but I’m pretty sure those are the same people that toss their Taco Bell and McDonald’s trash out the window to cause the problem in the first place… if we didn’t leave trash for them to scavenge they wouldn’t hang out around our parking lots nearly as much as they do.   So the other day when I was in my car at lunchtime the prettiest seagull landed on the truck next to me…I wanted to feed him but I had nothing to give him so he posed in some nice picture for me instead! 🙂

I’m sure he would have rather had some food but he was patient anyways!


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