Happy Birthday House (a bit late)

I totally forgot this year to post my happy birthday house post on April 9 like I have for the past couple of years! We’ve owned and lived in our own home for 3 years now…Only 25 years left to pay for it! 🙂

Here are some of my older house posts:

The day after we closed – Actually written on April 17, 2009

Year One – April 9, 2010

Year Two – April 9, 2011

This past year…

April looked like this 🙂 At least for some of the month and muddy for the rest!

May brought work outside (with Buddy and Cora to supervise) and Cora’s first birthday where she ate her hat.

In June we installed a new screen door and started painting the trim on the house blue.  Joe also ran his first short triathlon, and we celebrated our yearly Bridge Fest.  My family also came up to visit to see us and have a nice vacation.

In July our newest batch of chickens arrived and they took over our sunroom making a huge mess that took me ages to scrub off and clean up once they moved outside!  They are very cute though and I do miss the sweet little baby chick stage afterwards!  In July we also started getting raw milk every week, our first season of our CSA share began, I painted our bedroom green when Joe was out of town one weekend (with his permission though!), we helped save our first set of rabbits, Joe bought me a rifle and we got finches.  July was busy!

In August Joe and I celebrated our first year wedding anniversary and the completion of his first half-IronMan triathlon… both on the same day! 🙂 Joe’s family came up to visit and watch the race as well. Joe and I before the race… a rare picture of us to be together on the blog! Joe’s mom took the photo for us!

In September Joe spent a lot of time working on the horse fence and he also celebrated a birthday!

Leaves changed colours in October and the weather began to cool off.  Our CSA season ended and we started getting ready for the winter.

November brought our first snowfall and a Thanksgiving visit from Joe’s family!

December brought a lot of Christmas crafts and planning, plus more snow and at the end of the month two road trips in under a week to visit both of our families! Buddy also celebrated his 12 birthday…6 of them having been with us!

January brought us an abundance of eggs, homemade ice cream and homemade yogurt.  It was cold of course and I celebrated my own birthday.

In February Buddy was diagnoses with kidney failure and put on special food and subcutaneous fluids to help him feel better. We also got and set up our brand new king size, memory foam bed… a Valentine’s Day gift to me/us from Joe!

And finally, bringing us back to almost a year… March brought us the first signs of spring.  It also unfortunately brought us a sick rabbit who didn’t end up making it.  He had a good life here though with us and we gave him a nice funeral.  Besides the poor rabbit and a couple of health issues for Buddy, our third year here was pretty good, were lucky and our time was full of many good things! We’re hoping our fourth year will be just as nice!


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