Snow for the drive home

This morning Joe had to get up early like usual and I was still asleep when he said Good Bye to my parents and headed off to work. After I finally woke up and fed all of the animals my parents and I decided to go out to a local restaurant called Suomi for breakfast before they headed back home to Wisconsin.  We’ve been going to this restaurant ever since I came up for college almost 10 years ago now and regularly go there when they come to visit.  It’s a nice little restaurant… the outside has had a face lift over the past few years but inside the waitress is the same person and the food/menu is always the same so you know what to expect and can always get the same thing (I usually do and my mom for sure does)… there are some booths and tables and a counter with stools to sit on.  You can see into the kitchen, the specials are written on a chalk board and they still offer you water without you having to ask.   They are only open until mid-afternoon covering breakfast all day and lunch after 10 or 11 and as far as I know they still don’t take credit cards although maybe this has changed…we always bring cash 🙂  I should have taken a photo  of it but in general it is just a nice, small town little restaurant!

After breakfast it was time for me to go home and get ready for work and my family to get on the road and head home.  They left in a dreary, cold rain and by a couple hours later it had turned to snow up here and it was actually coating the ground for about a day.  The dogs were thrilled!

I went to the gym to go running before work and this is my one picture of the day, to show that it was dreary and about to snow! Thank goodness for treadmills and inside spots to run when it isn’t nice outside!


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