Hanging Out At Home

Today was a pretty easy day for all of us here, we knew it was supposed to be cold and rainy out so we didn’t plan to do very much.  I managed to get a 9 mile run in before the rain, and then in the afternoon Joe got a good swim in at the SDC but other than that we mostly hung out here reading, talking and watching T.V. and my parents and I played board games for a bit in the afternoon as well (Joe doesn’t like board games much so he usually passes on them!)

Since we didn’t go out and do very much for the day we decided to make a bigger, fancier supper here at home.  My parents brought up a ham with them because it was too big for just two people,  so we cooked that and then made big baked potatoes, roasted asparagus, cauliflower with cheese sauce (although that didn’t work very well), and we also had salad and frozen yogurt for dessert!


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