Family Visit and new Freezer

Today my parents came up for a visit!  This is the first time they’ve been up here since last June although I went to visit them last fall and then Joe and I visited over Christmas too.   This afternoon they arrived and unpacked and brought everything inside and then the three of us headed to the grocery store while Joe was at work finishing up his day.  We decided on steak and some easy side dishes for supper so when Joe got home he fired up the grill and cooked supper for all of us!

One of the things my family brought up with them was a new chest freezer for us! I’ve been wanting a chest freezer for a long time and Joe finally agreed to one as well but there aren’t many places up here to pick one up.  Joe and I looked at Lowe’s when we were in Marquette a couple of weeks ago but they had a sad selection and I think Wal-Mart sells some but we hadn’t really looked there before my parents saw this one at Sam’s Club and asked if we wanted them to just bring it up with them.  Originally we were going to have to put it in the basement, where I don’t like to go very often, so it was a deterrent to us getting one because I might never go use it. This one though is just the right size to fit in our mudroom so it is upstairs and near the pantry and the kitchen which works perfectly.

Right now there is nothing really in the freezer although we did buy a couple of frozen pizzas to put in it! As I find sales on things like meat and frozen vegetables I will just buy extra and save them here.  I also hope to save more local produce now that we have the room.  A couple of years ago I saved a few pints of blueberries for later and I’ve made pureed pumpkin and frozen it before but for the most part we didn’t have much room to save a lot of extra in the freezer.  Now I’ll be able to blanch and freeze vegetables and pick up more local berries and other produce during the summer and keep it for later in the winter.  I wouldn’t be opposed to local meat either but it seems so expensive to pay for all at once and I’m not sure how much the freezer will really hold yet, so I think we’ll hold off on that!



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