Taco Bar

Today Joe and I happened to go and get some pizza for supper!  We both worked earlier but then Joe came home and had to workout and I came home and finished up a little cleaning because we had guests coming the next day.  So we decided once we were both finished and ready to go that we would go and get some pizza!  We ended up getting two small pizzas because they had a buy one get one half off, and it was cheaper than buying one large but with the same amount of pizza…so we got BBQ chicken pizza and Broccoli/Chicken pizza and then a Greek salad too.  I should have taken a picture but I didn’t remember 🙂  So instead here is a picture of our taco bar supper from a couple of days beforehand.  Tacos are super easy too and I might have made them instead of pizza if we hadn’t just eaten them earlier in the week.

If I had been thinking ahead better I would have gotten green onions and/or cut up regular onion, plus some black olives and maybe jalapenos or avocado but I didn’t think of any of that ahead of time!  So we had pretty normal tacos (either soft, hard, or tortilla chips)  with just lettuce and tomato and a variety of hot sauces and sour cream to put on top.  It was still good though and we both got to pick whatever we wanted to make.  I’m not sure how most people eat tacos but I would think it is something like this, where everyone can put their toppings on themselves besides with my own family I don’t think I’ve ever eaten tacos with other people unless you count Taco Bell!


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