Ranch Chicken

Today Joe and I worked similar hours, although Joe left for work two hours before me and got home about a half an hour after.  He went up to do his workout, biking today because our treadmill is broken again, while I started supper and fed everyone.  I was supposed to go to the gym this morning but by the time I was ready to go I didn’t have much time so I called it good enough and just took a shower and went to work instead….I at least tried to get ready early enough! And the extra time I was supposed to be running actually gave me room to dry my hair fully and get to work early even so it worked out alright.  Now I’m drinking hot cocoa (it looks so nice outside here but it is still pretty cold) and Joe is eating some popcorn.  Cora is rotating between dropping her tennis ball in my lap and digging in her baskets of toys  and Buddy is in the kitchen I think hanging out.  Buddy refused his supper tonight but I wasn’t going to open another can and waste it so he had a few bites and will have to wait for breakfast and eat if he is hungry then.

The dogs from earlier in the evening

Supper tonight was ranch chicken.  I always see the Hidden Valley commercial that talks about putting ranch packets on porch chops and I thought today that I could probably put ranch on chicken too.  So I mixed a packet of ranch with some bread crumbs and baked the chicken.  I might have overcooked it a bit but I think it was tasty.  We had it with roasted asparagus and pea/carrot rice.  I decided instead of plain white rice to make sushi rice and I liked it, although it is stickier than regular rice, but Joe said that he wasn’t a fan and that sushi rice only belongs in sushi 🙂

I was also going to give us each a kiwi because I saw these today and bought them on impulse.  Nice ripe kiwi, product of the USA, a nice little girl on the front and she looks happy so why not? I could have just bought kiwi from the bin and picked ripe ones but the box clearly says ripe and easy and they came already packaged which I thought was perfect.  Except that they are rock hard.  Rock hard. Not ripe, not even close.  So the Ripe and Easy turned into Not ripe and a pain in the butt.  I have to save them until they are actually ripe and next time I won’t fall for a gimicky box of kiwi’s!


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