Chilli Cheese Dogs and Steak/Tuna Tartare

We had a weird supper last night!  Friday we were going to have leftover hotdogs as chilli cheese dogs but we ended up not making them so we saved them for last night.  Joe wanted to make some steak and tuna tartare then too for supper, so we had a weird combination of foods but it was still good!

Joe made and/or grilled everything, all I did was pour the chilli and nacho cheese into their respective pots and turn the stove on.  Joe’s chilli-chese dogs were Italian sausage and mine was a normal hot dog.  I didn’t eat much of the tartare but I did try some of the tuna.  I didn’t mind it, but thinking of it all being so raw just makes me not want to eat it even though technically it is cooked because of the lemon juice in it.  I do like tuna raw in sushi so I don’t know why it bugs me, except that here it is very definitely raw and on your fork and you can see it whereas in sushi you can mostly only taste seaweed and rice and you can’t tell there is a bit of raw tuna in it.


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