Bunny moves up in the world

Since we only have one rabbit cage now I had enough shelves to put the rabbit higher up and out of Cora’s reach.  Before she wanted to try to eat them when I was cleaning or feeding them so I had to put her in the pantry or the living room so she wouldn’t bother them because the rabbits were next to each other right at her eye level!

It seemed a bit high at first and I was worried Cora would tip the cage over trying to look at the rabbit but it seems like she rabbit is now out of sight out of mind and she only comes around the cage when I’m there and the rest of the time she runs right past it and never really looks up to see 🙂 I think this works out better for all of us!

Bunny also got a ball to play with for something different and I’ve been making sure to go and pet him extra every day.  I always say hello in passing and I visit his cage at least once and usually twice a day to give him a carrot or hay or a banana on top of his normal food, but I still worry that he might end up lonely so I thought a new toy might keep him busy for awhile.  I don’t know if he really likes his ball but I have seen him move it around so maybe he likes it.. Otherwise it bugs him and he is trying to get it out of his way!


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