Spaghetti, Tennis Balls and Fed Ex

Today Joe and I both worked earlier hours and afterwards came home to feed everyone and I folded some laundry and put away the dishwasher while Joe ran for 45 minutes and then he got his new Blackberry Playbook today so he played with that for a bit until our supper was done.  He was supposed to get his Playbook yesterday but Fed Ex was the carrier and it required a signature and neither of us were home so he ended up getting it today although I think he had to do some work to get it because we weren’t home again and the nearest depot is pretty far away so we couldn’t pick it up there either… but however it worked he did get it today and it is pretty neat! I watched the demo video on it and the screen is really great and it sounds good too, it should be a nice little computer for him to use!

Joe with his playbook and Buddy taking a nap in his normal spot.  It is still near us if we’re in the living room, and next to me when I’m at my desk but he still has enough room to get up and move around so he doesn’t feel crowded 🙂

Cora was in the kitchen with me trying to play fetch with her tennis ball.  I dug one out from under the couch a couple of days ago, if we actually hunted for them all in the house we’d find almost 30 of them, and now somehow she found another one so she has two in rotation at the moment.  She tends to hide things so random stuff shows up when she wants it to.  The other night Joe and I were sitting on the couch together and I had given each dog a chicken jerky strip (yes I know Buddy isn’t supposed to eat high protein but I snuck him one anyways, he might as well be happy) and Cora searched and searched for a spot to hide hers and finally she climbed up on the other couch, climbed up onto the back and into the corner, dug behind the pillow and under a blanket and hide her treat in the hole.  Then she covered it back up.  I haven’t checked to see if it is still there and right now Chloe is on top of the blanket so I can’t anyways but as soon as she wants it she will go back and know right where it is!  So I get the feeling that she knows the location of most of the tennis balls too 🙂

Supper was whole wheat pasta, which I didn’t like for the longest time but now it is normal and I like it just fine, with some pasta sauce, meatballs, peas and homemade garlic bread.  Joe didn’t think the peas matched with the rest of supper but I thought they were fine! I like peas whenever 🙂 This time, which is rare, I actually made meatballs here at home and the garlic bread is just ‘fake’ garlic bread that I make with leftover rolls or bread when I don’t feel like buying, or don’t have, store bought garlic bread.

At the moment everything is all finished and done for the night, everything is fed and happy, dishes are done and lunches are packed.  Buddy and Cora are napping with Joe and I here in the living room and Chloe is on the back of the couch.  Ocean and Pinga are upstairs in their normal spots and we’ll say hello to them again once we head to bed.  The birds are quiet now in the kitchen, they were chattering away for a long time tonight and our lone bunny is awake but quiet in the mudroom with his hay and oatmeal squares for a snack.  It is weird only having the one rabbit now.  I feel like he is lonely and will try to spend more time playing with him although he is feisty and I don’t know if he will appreciate that or not!  I’m so used to walking past and calling out “Hi bunnies!” to them that now I have to remember to just say hello to one bunny! The chickens laid only 31 eggs today (a day off for them now compared to some other days) and their evening light will turn off in about 20 minutes or so.  Joe and I are watching Sons of Guns on T.V. and once it is finished Joe will take the dogs out for one last bedtime walk and then we’ll probably head to bed ourselves where at least I will probably read and maybe even Joe will too.  Harry Potter just came out as an e-book so I downloaded the first one even though I have probably read it a dozen times!  Tomorrow I work late but still have to get up early to do stuff before Buddy’s vet appointment at 9… we’ll see how his kidney’s are doing now after a whole month of injecting since his last appointment.  He seems to be ok, although he is getting picky with his food and we have to convince him to eat it sometimes.  We played fetch a couple of days ago too although he can only do it if you throw it very, very close to him…he can’t track the ball as far as he used to for sure… but he thinks he is chasing it even if it is rolling slowly and he has fun so it doesn’t matter!  We’ll see what tomorrow brings!


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