A Spring Walk and a Sad Funeral

Last night after Joe got home we took the dogs for a walk to our little wading spot in the woods off of a little bridge.  It is a decent walk so we weren’t sure if Buddy would make it but he did although a couple of times he tripped or stumbled and he was getting pretty tired by the end.  He seemed super excited and happy even though he was tired, but that might have been his last, or one of the last, walks to that particular spot and we’ll just keep it a bit closer to home most of the time. Cora on the other hand was great, she could have gone on two more walks without even being tired!

Cora leapt into that little steam a number of times.  She had so much fun and go so muddy.

Buddy climbed right into the current and tried to catch the waves crashing around him. I was worried he would fall but he was ok and I didn’t have to climb in and get him!

Cora had fun splashing around too.  She was smart and picked a calmer spot!

On the way home Buddy decided to get a giant stick as if he was a puppy.  And then as we were crossing the trail to go back up our road both dogs decided to take one last dip in the drainage ditch.  Just water drainage though, like rain and snow… not waste or anything like that!

This morning our rabbit wasn’t feeling any better and seemed a little bit worse even.  The medicine wasn’t doing its job so far but I still gave him his morning dose and then gave him some water and an apple to try too.  When I came home from work tonight he had passed away.  At least he isn’t suffering though which is good, I was worried about him today and was hoping that his medicine would kick in but since it didn’t, I think this is probably the next best thing so that he isn’t miserable.

I got him all set up in a nice box with a banana, a carrot, some hay and a paper tube roll (obviously I know he won’t need them but I put his favourite things in there anyways)  and Joe dug me a nice good hole when he got home from work and I painted him a little stone to remember him by.  Now I know what to look for and will realize when something is wrong with either the other rabbit we have, or any other rabbit we have in the future.  I wish I would have caught it sooner and he might have made it!


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