Sick Rabbit

Well, since Buddy and Pinga’s problems aren’t enough, one of the rabbits decided to go for it too! I’m pretty sure half our animals have issues with Buddy being injected and on special food, Pinga still has the lip sore that she had before they extracted teeth which I don’t think help at all, Chloe is obese and on a special diet, Cora occasionally gets bad allergies and needs medicine for them and now the rabbit! We think the rabbit has something called stasis where his insides just sorta get stuck and stop working.  I called the vet and they got me some medicine for him to try for a couple of days but if it doesn’t help they will want him to go in for xrays to see if there is a blockage.  I’m hoping the medicine works!

A couple of days ago we noticed that he smelled especially bad.  Normally they are clean, they wash themselves and I change all their bedding every couple of days so there isn’t much of a smell but all of a sudden this bunny was stinky.  So I decided to change their bedding early and thought maybe he had peed on his cardboard box so I took that away and tossed it and then realized that it is the rabbit himself who had peed all over and not washed himself.  So I had to give him a bath.  Then I realized that he really hadn’t been going to the bathroom otherwise, not like the other rabbit does! And he seemed kind of dejected and sad.  Looking it up online he had all the symptoms so I called the vet to see what they thought since I hate to see any of our animals suffer like that.  Hopefully this works!


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