Our trip to Marquette

Yesterday afternoon, after we finished with the chickens for the day, we showered quick and then headed off to Marquette to do some shopping.  Marquette is a couple of hours away and we got there close to 4 already.

First stop was Tractor Supply where I gazed at baby chicks and ducks (but we did not bring any home) and Joe and I looked at electric fencing supplies to get an idea of what we will need and what it will cost us to put the fence up here soon. We didn’t buy anything though and will either order online or just go back when we need to.

Next was Best Buy.  Joe has been wanting a tablet for awhile now and he finally decided on a Blackberry Playbook because it will connect up with his Blackberry phone and he will be able to get internet that way.  Best Buy is the only one locally (no one offers them here in the Keweenaw) that carries the 16G Playbook.  Best Buy did have them in stock but they were asking $499 which was an outrageous price because Radio Shack sells them (but they must order it special) for $199 and most places online have similar low prices for the 16G and even the 32G and 64G Playbooks are available for under the $499 price Best Buy wanted.  After talking to the staff there was nothing they could do, they do price match but because Radio Shack doesn’t keep them in stock it doesn’t count.  So we left Best Buy pretty frustrated and disappointed… it wasn’t the staffs fault but Best Buy as a whole made no friends in us yesterday! And once we got home Joe ordered a better 32G model with a case for over $200 less than the Best Buy price too! Now all he has to do is wait for it to come in the mail!

Next we went to Lowe’s to check out chest freezers. We finally decided to pick up a small one but Lowe’s only had 4 models, two were Frigidaire but were way too huge and 2 were by some company called Holiday which we didn’t recognize so we decided to hold off and this ended up working well because my family has been checking them out for us where they live in Wisconsin and I think they found some that would work perfectly for us. So we also left Lowe’s without buying anything!

After these stops we could have kept going and hit stores like Target and Kohls but we were getting tired and we were still pretty bummed by Best Buy so we decided to grab some Wendy’s for supper and come back to Houghton.  So our trip to Marquette was pretty uneventful but at least we picked up supper to make the 4 hours in the car worth it! We got home around dusk/dark and took out the dogs, fed the animals and then we watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – which was actually a pretty good movie!


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