Clean Chickens

Today was a busy day for us.  It started early with Joe and I headed out to clean out our chicken coop.  We really needed to scoop out old bedding and put new in and dust, knock down cobwebs etc.  Maybe later in the summer I will try to wash walls etc. but for now the bedding was the biggest problem.  Joe and I shoveled and shoveled and hauled with both our tractor and wheel barrow for 4 hours before we called it good for the day.  We got our larger room cleaned out plus 90% of the outside and I just have to do a bit more outside and the smaller room at some point to finish it up.

The best way to start a Saturday ever!

So thankful that Joe came outside to help me out! With both of us working non-stop it took 4 hours to get as far as we did.  If it had been just me it would have taken me days. Now we have a very,very large pile of compost starting in the back behind our pole barn.  I always said I should start a compost pile and now we have! I will add other stuff like grass clippings to make it more balanced later in the spring. This pile got about 3 times larger too and we still have a bunch to go!


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