Just Hanging Out

Another late night for us around here so all I’ve got are some animal pictures for the day 🙂

Joe’s bunny being all curious.  Both bunnies do it, but especially this one, when I come to their cages they want to know what I’m bring them and if they can eat it 🙂  This one is always super curious… I think it must be the neutering.

Buddy hanging out, ready to get injected and fed all at one time.

Sometimes we take the dogs’ collars off before bed so they can rest their necks and get extra scratches.  We used to take Buddy’s collar off every night but now with Cora we just do them sometimes.  It would be easier except when I go to put her collar back on in the morning she is so excited for a walk that she can’t sit still and she wants to hold it and tug it, and jump and then grab it and then move her head and try to hold it again.  It takes me a couple minutes to wrangle her enough to get it on again.  Maybe someday we’ll go back to off each night but for now it is a special treat!


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