Nail Trimming

Nail trimming all of the animals is one of the things we’re not very good at.  We pretty much hate it, although I suppose no one likes to nail trim!  Today I managed to trim both rabbits (who are the easiest out of anyone) and half of Chloe before she got pissed at me.  Cora got done a couple of weeks ago when Joe and I tricked her while she was sleeping on the couch.  So that technically leaves Ocean, Pinga, Buddy and the other half of Chloe. Buddy is the one we just won’t do and he probably needs it the worst but he is such a baby about it! We’ll have to get the vet to do his!

Joe and I are in charge of keeping exactly 126 claws short.  And we hate doing it.  Perfect! Thank goodness all he birds don’t have nails we need to trim!


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