Pinga Visits the Kitchen

Pinga used to go all over the house but with the additions of Cora and Chloe she started to be more cautious and then she just never bounced back after her surgery a few months ago so now she prefers to stay upstairs.  She does move around a bit, sometimes sitting by Buddy for his injections, or wandering into the bedroom or the closet but never downstairs on her own.  So tonight I brought her downstairs and put her in the window so she could take part in cooking supper and get some fresh air and look outside from her favourite spot… or it used to be anyways when she came downstairs.

She was purring and purring and seemed so excited to be down here so I’m glad I brought her.  I carried her back up and tucked her into her normal spot before bed though so she wouldn’t get stranded overnight.  You can’t tell much from the photo but a week or two ago I had to shave her because she got so matted.  Her tail and her underbelly are still very matted and they need to be trimmed but I haven’t had the heart to pin her down and fix it yet.  She used to be so clean and beautiful but I think the stress of her surgery sent her over the top and it didn’t even solve her problem so now we’re not sure what to do… we’re just keeping her happy and feeding her lots and trying to keep her unmatted!  Lucky us to have three long haired cats who get mats 🙂


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