Morning Walk Pictures

Today will be another late night for us around here.  I work until 9 and Joe will probably be working really long hours too.  I think late nights are our new normal for now.  At least it will be light out later so we can still go outside and do stuff instead of it being night at 5pm.  It is a bit chilly outside this morning, in the 40’s, but the sun is coming up good now (it is so bright coming across my desk that I can hardly see… I might have to put up some curtains!) and it will probably warm up quick. I just finished up with all the animals and breakfast etc. and I’m going to finish this, go for my run and then head to work myself! Joe has been at work for hours already 🙂

Our little stream is running fast.  I tried to climb into the snow to take a good picture but I got snow in my shoes and got all mad so I took this one as far as I could reach.  You can only see a tiny bit of it, that black smudge near the bottom of the photo.  When it melts a bit better I will go back again and get a better one… in the spring the stream is a few feet wide and a few inches deep… mostly just runoff down our ravine but it kind of counts as a stream…there are no fish or anything like that though and it dries up after the spring.  We wish it was a real stream for sure! The dogs like to wade in it when we go back there though so it is still fun while it lasts.

The chickens have been enjoying some nicer weather outside too although their whole coop is pretty yucky right now.  On the way left you can see I’ve got two bags of bedding and either today or tomorrow I’ll be getting like 6 more so that on Sunday I can go out there and clear everything out and wipe stuff down etc.  I’m so excited of course…like 2-3 hours of hauling muck but it will be so worth it once they are all cleaned out and happy!


2 thoughts on “Morning Walk Pictures

  1. I am sure glad to see your pup out and about. Hope he is enjoying the nice weather. Hope you don’t have any more storms in MI. You’re outbuildings are so cool, I envy them.

    • Thanks! Buddy is doing good but his injections are getting old for all of us… I think he will miss all of the snow, winter is his favourite! Not sure if we’ll get anymore snow storms or not, I’m sure it will snow again but it has been so warm that everything is pretty much gone now so maybe not. I don’t mind no more snow but I hope summer isn’t roasting hot either since it is getting so warm so early! Our out buildings are pretty interesting but most of them are still filled with trash from years and years of an old man farmer living here and filling them up and then neglecting them when he got too old so we haven’t done much with them yet. Just slowly cleaning them out as we need them. The pole building is mostly filled with just our stuff now and we do like that… that was a big plus in buying the house because they can be expensive to build!

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